Friday, July 29, 2005

The Elite's Sitzkrieg

As we approach the fourth anniversary of September 11th, it is clear that our political and media class has no understanding that we are at war.

Congressman Tom Tancredo faces withering attacks from the Bush administration, minority activists, the organized left, and corporate shills for his efforts to secure Americas borders as head of the House Immigration Reform Caucus. Last week, Tancredo, who is looking into a presidential campaign, suggested that the US might bomb Muslim holy sites, if multiple American cities were nuked.
Even many conservatives blanched at his off-handed suggestion that we apply Mutually Assured Destruction against the Muslim world.
Hispanic and Muslim groups responded by pressuring him to resign.It seems that the campaign to convince the American people that Islam and Islamist terrorism are not related is successful.
Besides, we only have to fear Islamists or terrorists, not Moderate Muslims, who surely love us and hate the actual terrorists.

The ABC affiliate in our capitol,WMAL 630 AM, suspended radio host Michael Graham over his comments linking Islam with Islamist terrorism.
Had the US government not rounded its leaders, would ABC radio have caved into pressure from the German-American Bund in 1945. Given the desire of the Disney Corporation to build an amusement park in Communist occupied Shanghai or the Potemkinized island of Hong Kong, how long will "right-wing radio" continue?
So much for the myth of conservative corporations.

Perhaps I should be careful not to visit our ally Great Britain, lest I be arrested on the grounds of religious intolerance for comparing Islamists and Nazis.
It's not like the Nazis raised Muslim SS units or that Nazi propoganda still reverberates in the Muslim world.

Fortunately, the Brits have their own strategy for suicide bombers; the dole.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Empire State continues to decline, the other 49 states remain safe
Pataki has announced that he will not run for re-election and most analysts suggest that the increasingly unpopular governor will run for president. The result is that
Elliot Spitzer will be our next governor. As for the governor's national sperations, Spiro Agnew and Michael Dukakis have better chances of being the first president of Greek descent. Did I mention that Agnew is a dead and disbarred convict?

The New York GOP is in shambles.

Looks like Al Franken et all really do believe that the rich steal from the poor.
Youth funds diverted to liberal radio station
Thank you, Michelle Malkin, for publishing the story.

In Iraq, will Islam be moderated by democracy, or will democracy become Islamist?

4 more years of Bloomy?
Please support the real Republican.

Did Jonah Goldberg just become a racialist?
Red Foam on the River Thames
For the record, Enoch Powell was an MP for 30 years and a Minister of State for Health. Like Cassandra, Powell was ostracized for his warning.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Not Halal
In an act of terminal stupidity, the overwhelmingly Democrat New York City Council passed and the RINO Mayor Bloomberg signed a bill repealing the provisions of the food and general vendor laws requiring that officials check the citizenship status of license applicants.
These amply compensated politicians may not have to worry about their hot dog coming with a side of drug-resistant TB, but we all have to worry about terrorism. How hard would it be to hide 100 pounds of explosives in a food cart and wheel it to city hall?

What Bin Laden Couldn’t do, City Hall can, thanks to The Supreme Court
The MTA is seizing stores on Fulton street, just as they recover from September 11th. Having stayed at this location out of a sense of patriotism and loyalty to the city, the small business owners are being offered ¼ of the value of their stores.
And people wonder why businesses continue to leave New York.

Mayor Bloomberg's attempt to buy his way out of being the next John Lindsey hits a speedbump.

National Union split asunder, civil war to commence (please)?

Who Guards the Guardians?
Schumer has a point, kind of. Whether one support the nomination of Judge John Robert to the supreme court, are skeptical, or a scared by him, we should all support efforts to have a nominee state his positions.

Traditionally, nominees have been judged on the basis of their qualifications and character. It is time to re-evaluate this deference.
The Supreme Court, once limited to protecting the Constitution, have become super legislators. Whether the degeneration began with Marbury vs Madison or in the Court-packing crisis of 1937, by the Warren era, the court had become a Judicial oligarchy of nine. Even the supposedly conservative Rehnquist court, has done failed to restore the Constitutional order.

Driven by legal fads, changing mores, and the power to rewrite the Constitution’s meaning, the true Nazgul conjured new “rights” like abortion out of penumbras while property rights, equality under the law, and the First and Second Amendment where interpreted out of existence. (Evidently the First Amendment was really created to protect pornography and the secular humanist state, not to protect political speech or the independence of houses of worship.)

I for one, would like to know if Judge Robert’s thinks that Roe v Wade is “settled Constitutional Law”, despite having no basis in the Constitution.
I would like to know what prior court decisions Roberts disagrees with.
Robert’s defense of Judicial Supremacy in his testimonial duel with Schumer in 2003, is troubling.
"With respect, Senator, you're getting back in the area of asking me to criticize particular Supreme Court precedents. I think it's inappropriate because it would be harmful to the independence and integrity of the Federal judiciary. The reason I think key to the independence and strength of the Federal judiciary is that judges come to the cases before them, unencumbered by prior commitments, beyond the commitment to apply the rule of law and the oath that they take."
Which is it? Is Roberts encumbered by precedent (Roe, Kelo, Grutter …) or is his true commitment to the Constitution, and dare I pray, to restoring our branches of government to the status of co-equals?