Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Empire State continues to decline, the other 49 states remain safe
Pataki has announced that he will not run for re-election and most analysts suggest that the increasingly unpopular governor will run for president. The result is that
Elliot Spitzer will be our next governor. As for the governor's national sperations, Spiro Agnew and Michael Dukakis have better chances of being the first president of Greek descent. Did I mention that Agnew is a dead and disbarred convict?

The New York GOP is in shambles.

Looks like Al Franken et all really do believe that the rich steal from the poor.
Youth funds diverted to liberal radio station
Thank you, Michelle Malkin, for publishing the story.

In Iraq, will Islam be moderated by democracy, or will democracy become Islamist?

4 more years of Bloomy?
Please support the real Republican.

Did Jonah Goldberg just become a racialist?
Red Foam on the River Thames
For the record, Enoch Powell was an MP for 30 years and a Minister of State for Health. Like Cassandra, Powell was ostracized for his warning.


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