Friday, May 27, 2005

Amnesty Internationalist

In an act ranging on self-parody, the Secretary General of Amnesty International called the US detention facility at Guantanimo Bay “the Gulag of our time.”

This is not just ridiculous or politically motivated hyperbole. It is worse than slander. The comments, while intended to punish the Bush administration for the Iraq war, not treating terrorists like POWs, and not following the dictates of the International Criminal Court, have the effect of helping Islamists.
Of course, the members of Amnesty International do not care about our “War on Terror”, even if the “terrorists” wish a world Caliphate that would make all non-Muslims subjugated peoples with few rights. The members of and contributors to AI should care about the BETRAYAL of prisoners and the abused. Not only was the suffering of the millions of prisoners of Gulags minimized, but the continuing suffering of prisoners in Cuban and North Korean camps, Chinese Logai, and the prison, detention, “re-education centers,” and/or death camps of other communist regimes was minimized. If Amnesty International has lost credibility, while ensuring that dictators can use this lie as a defense against American objections.
It is a betrayal of the oppressed on the scale of the cover-up by Walter Duranty of the Holodomor.

The motivation for such slander is the decision by AI that the goal of international law and world government is more important than truth or the rights or people who are or will suffer in modern Gulags.
It is time for the members of Amnesty International to recover the voices of the oppressed by demoting Irene Khan and having her visit the real Gulags of our time in Communist Cuba, China, and North Korea.

Independent Judiciary

For the past month the rally cry of the left and judicial supremacists has been “defend the independence of the Judiciary”. In the last edition of National Review Robert George and Ramesh Ponnuru wrote a thought-provoking piece on the differences in perceived role of and bounds


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