Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why I don't normally comment on the crayon scribblings from the asylum known as Antiwar.com


Yet again Dennis Raimondo sinks leftist tripe in his pathological hatred of Israel. One would think the fact that hundreds of rockets were fired on Israeli towns and cities during the Hudna/ceasfire and the fact that Hamas declared an end to the ceasefire last week would figure into the rants of the bigot. Likewise the fact that Israel freed over 200 Palestinian Prisoners last week in an attempt to keep the violence limited to a handful of attacks on Israel/day would count for something. But not for those who hate Israel’s existence.
What else do you expect of one who speaks of 300 dead, without noting that 250 are Hamas fighters? Or one who fails to note Israel has been going out of its way to warn, by leaflet of telephone call, civilians being used as human shields?

It is true that the Kadima junta running Israel are using this for political ends. But they did not declare an end to peace, Hamas did.

“I won't bother answering the "talking points" of Israel's powerful lobby in the U.S. – the Palestinians are terrorists, they deserved what they got, those missile barrages fired in recent weeks (in which not a single Israeli was killed) were ample provocation, etc. The whole world knows that none of these have anything to do with the latest Israeli military action.”
Of course he won’t because the facts are irrelevant to him. Similarly, Hamas’s declaration that the ceasefire was over is of no importance. The only thing that has values is the leftist paradigm that weakness equals virtue and darker people are better. The libertine Fannonite deserves no mention at a conservative site, save derision.

“The entire operation is, instead, part and parcel of a long-standing concerted campaign by the Israeli government to further marginalize and drive out the remnants of the Palestinian people who still cling tenaciously to what's left of their land.”
Considering the fact that Israel ethnically cleansed Gaza of all Jews and then handed it and new infrastructure over to the Palestinian authority, I don’t know what Raimondo is thinking.

“It is a policy of military and economic warfare, aimed at making life impossible for the Palestinian helots….As the new Sparta of the Middle East runs roughshod over the laws of morality and basic human decency, Israel's amen corner in the U.S. is going into overdrive in an effort to prettify one of the ugliest incidents in a decade of unmitigated cruelty and brutality”
Such big words from a man whose knowledge of ancient Greece is pining for the Sacred Band of Thebes or Spartan barrack life along with the occasional flourish of epistolary onanism. Does Raimondo realize that Israel is a parliamentary democracy, 1/5th of whose citizens are Arab beneficiaries of affirmative action? I doubt he knows anything outside of CAIR and communist press releases on the subject.

“All the familiar "progressive" voices – with certain sterling exceptions – are suddenly stilled: we hear nothing from our Democratic politicians, those fabled agents of "change," except expressions of support for Israel's war crimes.”
Such a conservative, Raimondo is. He calls for leftist activism, while using imaginary “war crimes” as reason to empower the internationalist left. Does he imagine that the US would be immune from such trans-national socialist judicial activism, or is his primary loyalty hatred of Israel?

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declares that Israel has "the right to defend itself," without deigning to inform us as to whether the Palestinians have the same right.”
And if they were shooting the Hamas Jihadis using them as cattle/human shields the Palestinians would be acting in self defense.

“For all those hysterical ultra-Zionists in both Israel and the U.S. who thought Obama's election would be disastrous to the Zionist project, and their own efforts to expand it beyond its historic borders, let this be an object lesson in the danger of jumping to unwarranted conclusions.”
Historic what? Israel controlled the West Bank and Gaza for 30 years, or 11 more than the 1949 ceasefire borders were in effect. Israel’s historic borders would include the territories it ceded for the “piece process”.

“If they'd listened before they jumped – or paid attention to what they read on Antiwar.com – they would have realized how utterly misplaced their paranoia would turn out to be.”
Considering Dennis’s basic lack of recent history, why trust anything he publishes including his false name? (His actual name is Dennis, Justin is his working name.)

“Obama has been in the Israel Lobby's back pocket from the beginning, as his speech to AIPAC – a masterstroke of groveling – made all too clear.”
So 30 years of radical anti-Israel affiliations, as well as his leftist internationalist picks for office are to be ignored, but political pandering is gospel. What is Raimondo mainlining?

“Like all U.S. presidents since Bush the Elder, this one is committed to maintaining and elaborating on our Israel-centric Middle East policy, of which the Iraq war was only the most dramatic chapter.”
You mean the same George HW Bush who toppled an Israeli government (The Shamir administration), after forcing it to accede to Syrian control of Lebanon for his own oil war, who then foisted the Madrid “piece process” on Israel?

“Obama may have opposed that particular war, but he will do nothing to reverse its consequences, the most dramatic of which appears to be the unleashing of the Israeli military machine on the region. First it was Lebanon, followed by the buzzing of Syrian airspace and the bombing of an alleged "nuclear facility" that turned out to be an ordinary weapons dump. Now we have the end of "disengagement" in Gaza and the opening up of a new front in Israel's relentless war of expansion.”
Other than at the center of Raimondo’s paranoia and lies since 9-11, where has Israel been expanding?

“It is a war that has been financed by U.S. tax dollars and fought with American weapons, with the active collaboration and support of our government.”
Those damn Israelis, responding to attacks by the Gaza offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood, while the US is at war with Al Qaeda, one of whose constituent groups, Islamic Jihad is a sibling of Hamas.

“We have paid for the radical expansion of the Israeli "settlements" by armed bands of ultra-nationalist fanatics, Israel's version of the Taliban.”
What expansion is he blathering about? Besides, where is the repression of women exporting of terror in Gush Etzion? Raimondo should go there and then to Hamastan. Or not. He would be stoned to death as a homosexual, unless they made an unprincipled exception for an ally, as they do with communists.

"Indeed, Israeli opinion is moving rapidly in the radicals' direction, and the victory of Benjamin Netanyahu and the far-right Likud Party in the upcoming election is virtually assured – with even more extreme elements waiting in the wings for their moment."
Ah, that crazy Likud party, which calls for economic liberty, while also demanding security. Sounds like the GOP to me. In fact until last week, Netanyahu was spending almost as much time attacking true Israeli nationalists, as he was blathering about the need for Kadima to be his junior partner.

“As the leaders of a settler colony implanted in the midst of Arab lands, the founders of the Israeli state were faced with a conundrum from the very start. No matter how enlightened and progressive the early settlers considered themselves, they could not escape their status as unwanted interlopers, the advance guard of what was essentially a foreign invasion. Living in their utopian kibbutzes and thinking they were constructing an egalitarian paradise, what they were really building was a rigidly hierarchical society, a caste system with the settlers and their descendants at the top, arranged in tiers according to their origins in the "diaspora," with the Palestinians at the very bottom – a displaced underclass forcibly segregated and routinely subjected to Israeli state violence.”
At least Dennis is somewhat honest in his pathological hatred of Israel. Hence all attacks on it are just and any defense illegitimate. This is rank hypocricy, given that he lives in his own settler colony in North America, known as the United States. I believe in the right of conquest. Dennis just admits his anti-conservative hatred of America's founding with his aping of Fritz Fannon's "wretched of the earth". That is assuming he understands what he is writing.

“Like a caged lion, grievously wounded, which nevertheless manages to roar and occasionally strike out – however ineffectually – at its tormentors, the Palestinian people are unbowed.”
And when will Dennis be justifying AIM and Aztlanista violence against America in his orgy of anti-Western cultural Marxism?

“The Israelis – and the U.S. – rail against Hamas as a gang of terrorists, yet most of the governments of the region started out as "terrorist" gangs. Two were called the Irgun and the Haganah, the revolutionary movements that carried out attacks on civilians, including the British as well as the Arabs, in their battle to establish the state of Israel. Hamas will do no more, and no less, in their bid to establish a Palestinian state.”
Other than Jordan, that is. And Gaza could have been virtually independent had Hamas not tried to use its inhabitants as captive human shields in its attacks on Israeli civilians. Speaking of revolutionary gangs, how long will it be until Raimondo denounces the Sons of Liberty as well as Americans moving past the Proclamation line of 1763?

“If nothing else, this fresh paroxysm of Israeli aggression ought to debunk, once and for all, the neocon talking point that democracies never go to war with each other.”
So is Raimondo's nihilistic lust for Israeli blood motivated by nothing more than pathologically unbalanced rage at neoconservatives?

“Yet here we have a country that styles itself an island of Western-style liberalism in a sea of Oriental despotism going to war with the only other democratically elected government in the immediate vicinity.”
One vote, one time isn’t democracy. I don’t see Israel attacking Turkey, so Raimondo is just proving his utter ignorance. (That was redundant; Raimondo does that whenever he puts 10 words together on the Middle East.)

“Whatever the military outcome of the present conflict – in all likelihood a stalemate – this is a big political victory for Hamas, which ordinary Palestinians see actively defending them against the rampaging Israelis. The moderates on the West Bank are undercut, once again, and that has always been the Israeli strategy.”
You mean like Abbas, who demanded Israel act to destroy Hamas before PA elections?

“Their first target was the decidedly secular Palestine Liberation Organization, which they did everything to destroy and undercut – even to the point of providing legal status and covert funding to Hamas. These followers of radical Islamist preachers began as a religious association, formally registered with the Israeli authorities. Hamas was encouraged as a potentially more compliant competitor with the PLO. Another case of blowback, with a vengeance.”
You mean like the insipid liberalism that forces Raimondo to ignore the goals of Islamic Jihadis to conquer not just Israel, but Spain as noted in Hamas’s charter?

“Having given birth to the monster of Hamas, the mutant offspring of occupation and dispossession, the Israelis will be forgiven if they refuse to acknowledge the family resemblance.”
Of course, the idiot has never heard of the Islamic Brotherhood or read Sayed Qutb.

“Yet it is unmistakable. Both Israel and Hamas-stan are the spawn of religious and ethnic exclusivism and messianism, their leaders fanatics armed with state power. There are differences, of course, a major one being that one side is funded to the tune of $3 billion a year and supported unconditionally by Washington, while the Palestinians – shot at by their fellow Arabs as they try to cross the border into Egypt – stand pretty much alone.
This latest bloody chapter in the tragic history of the region is being written because all the main protagonists benefit: the Israelis, Hamas, and radicals of all stripes, especially those groups aligned with al-Qaeda. As in the case of the Iraq war, bin Laden's narrative of an Israeli-Crusader invasion intent on stamping out Islam is seemingly verified as blood flows freely in the streets of Gaza.”
Because we all know that Israel wants to conquer the world. I don’t know if this is projection, leftist moral equivalence, or the scribbling of one missing their dose of Thorazine.

“The Israeli rampage is not in our interests, and the longer it continues the more it threatens the already tenuous position of U.S. troops in Iraq, endangering them by inflaming the local populace, which is vehemently pro-Palestinian. The Israeli blitz is sending shockwaves through the region that could upset several apple-carts of U.S. construction, including the regime in Egypt, the pro-U.S. Jordanian monarchy, and especially our rambunctious Iraqi protectorate, where anti-U.S. sentiment is not so quietly building.”
So suddenly Dennis wants the neocon experiment in Iraq to succeed. Has he no semblance of honor or intellectual honesty?

“If American interests in the region are to be served, then this unhealthy relationship has to change. Yet it won't change until and unless the political power of the Israel Lobby is broken on the home front. If it takes the prospect of World War III to bring us to that point, it will be far too high a price to pay – yet one that seems increasingly unavoidable.”
The Soviets are attacking West Berlin? Oh, wait he means World War IV, which seems to have started back in 618, when the Muslims began to pine for world domination. Dennis just is unable to pay attention to facts not from the perspective of the communist Nation magazine.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Bah humbug to Intolerant Minority kvetching

Merry Jewish Christmas!

My friend Marty Beckerman calls attention to an ironic skirmish in the "War on Christmas":

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" caused a stir at a New Hanover County school. A parent complained about the song's religious reference and got it pulled from her child's kindergarten Christmas show at Murrayville Elementary School. The song was pulled "because it had the word Christmas in it," said Rick Holliday, assistant school superintendent. A Jewish mother, who didn't want her name published, objected to what she called "religious overtones" in the song. So the principal agreed to pull it from the program.

Irony? "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" was written by a Jew, Johnny Marks, who also wrote "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day," "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," and "A Holly Jolly Christmas." As Beckerman notes, Jewish songwriters also wrote or co-wrote such holiday standards as:

  • "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)" -- Mel Torme and Bob Wells, both Jewish;
  • "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" -- co-written by J. Fred Coots, Jewish;
  • "Silver Bells" -- Ray Evans and Jay Livingston, both Jewish;
  • It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" -- co-written by George Wyle, Jewish;
  • "Sleigh Ride" -- co-written by Mitchell Parish, Jewish;
  • "Let It Snow" -- Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne, both Jewish; and
  • "White Christmas" -- Irving Berlin, Jewish.

Of course, none of these songs is as important as the original Jewish contribution to Christmas, but if the "religious overtones" of Johnny Marks' innocuous song are enough to shut down a kindergarten Christmas show, let's not risk an ACLU lawsuit by mentioning that whole Bethlehem-and-the-manger trip.

The mother in question is an intolerant bigot. She care's not a whit about diversity, or the tolerance that is needed, above all by religious minorities.
I bet she is not actually religious and would be mortified at the actual message of Hanukkah (Fundamentalism, national liberation, death to collaborators. There is a reason this holiday was intentionally downplayed after the failure of the Bar Kochba revolt.)
She should spend her time teaching her child to be Jewish. Perhaps a nice presentation to the class for Passover would have been nice. However, I doubt she knows enough for this. She likely defines herself as "not Christian" more than actually Jewish. Grievance politics makes a poor ersatz faith.

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