Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Have Conservatives Failed America?

I don't mean to be a downer, but we've lost. And I don't mean the primary. The popularity of Obama among all groups and the increased support for liberalism and Democrats especially among the youth portend disaster.

Even if Conservatives were to magically retake the GOP, we are losing the country. Although individual conservative ideas are still popular, the American people want the nanny state to protect them, the government to provide or regulate health insurance at magically low cost, increased spending on all sorts of social programs and pork.

The failure of "big government" in the late 1960s to 1980 is a distant memory and about 1/5 voters were either not born then or immigrated since then. Meanwhile, during "conservative ascendancy", we have seen government grow along with debt, believing our opposition to these.

We complain about 12-30 million illegal aliens, but have not Americanized a greater number of legal immigrants and their children. (I am the exception, not the rule.) We have failed to teach our heritage to all American children. We have made fun of multiculturalists as these have divided Americans along race, class, and "gender" failing. While some saw the danger and fought rear-guard actions at school board meetings, far too many simply tried to opt-out of public education. Perhaps this retreat saved a few children, but the truth is that even students educated at home or in good private and religious schools are subject to the pressures of our sickened culture and Gramscite-dominated media.

The effects are real. How many under 35 can sing "My country 'Tis of Thee" with a straight face, or would even want to? How many cringe at words like Creator or the phrases "Self-evident rights" and "Out of Many One". How many stare blankly if one explains that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to allow for the people to overthrow an oppressive regime. How many under 35 get into a tizzy over profiling possibly terrorists, but meekly allow affirmative action? For that matter, how many over 35, conditioned by the media for years, have lost what they already knew to be true?

The failure to assimilate even legal immigrants is creating a balkanized society with aggrieved groups estranged from the founding principles of this country. Likewise, we have failed a generation of Americans in this country by not passing on the mores, tradition and heritage of this country. Is it any surprise the young and "New Americans" support Obama?

We Conservatives have chosen to passively list to talk radio and Fox News, rather than fight the battles that dominate our culture. As shown by the failure of the Bush-McCain-Kennedy Amnesty, we can fight and win, if we choose to. But this was the exception. Our "new leaders" are not independents. They are employees of multi-national corporations (Fox News, Clear Channel) or depend on these for exposure. Others are members of a political party, the GOP and thus have a natural tendency protect party and president over nation and ideology.

We, Republicans and Conservatives are playing to win individual elections. Meanwhile the left is transforming America, ensuring that they will win in the long term. We either fight this battle or consign our children to being strangers in what should have been the land of their birthright. The "New Jerusalem" sought by the Pilgrims has become Canaan.

People blame neocons and Rockefeller Republicans for the leftward turn of the GOP. However, it is only responding to the increasing liberalism of the American electorate, including self-proclaimed conservatives.

The GOP has not betrayed conservatives. Conservatives have failed America.

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