Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why I am not a Paleoconservative
Paleoconservatism is not a coherent ideology and never has been. It is a mixture of traditionalists, revolutionaries and libertarians joined to oppose neoconservatives. Their "raison d'etre" was the M.E. Bradford Affair and having been founded at a Randolph Society meeting in the late 1980s their entire enterprise has been a historical revision. There is nothing "paleo" about a movement formed over a set of grievances from the 1970s until today. But just as revisionism is their mode, grievance is there core. It is not different than black nationalists or Jewish leftists who support foreign immigration despite the damage that this does both to their own rational self interest and that of the country. Historical facts or future damage are all irrelevant, because for all the rhetoric of some of the more rational members, they are driven by grievance and feeling.

This is why we have:

Jeffersonians and Neo-confederates enamored with Hamiltonian-Lincolnian tariffs to protect industries.

We have people who oppose Hispanic immigration becoming hysterical over Islamists or at least illegal alien Arabs being rounded up. Those who want secure borders and an end to employment of illegals hysterical over verifiable identity cards.

Defenders of European cultures and nationalisms defending the slow-jihad of Muslim minorities in Europe.

People who called Ike a communist or at least excoriated his foreign policy now in love with him.

Those who oppose a New World Order, defending UN Treaties and rulings as the arbiter of American foreign policy.

Those who once supported a strong military declare us unable to defend against Fourth-generational warfare.

Those who were once anti-Communists now enamored with Putin and supporting Russia and China's attempts to undermine U.S. policy.

The self-proclaimed intellectual heirs of the "Old China hands" now opposing support for Taiwan.

And those who called for us to stand fast against communist agitprop calling for us to give into the reasonable demands of Islamists.

Paleoconservatives are not anti-Semites so much as people blinded by their own crude parody of damaging behavior and beliefs of leftist Jews. However driven by grievance politics, blinded by anger, and caught in a sounding room with the far-left they are not only embracing "stabbed-in the-back" type theories but are accepting open anti-Semites. After 2001, they had to to decide whether they love America and the West more than they hate Israel and everything they read into it. Far too many made the immoral choice.

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