Friday, July 29, 2005

The Elite's Sitzkrieg

As we approach the fourth anniversary of September 11th, it is clear that our political and media class has no understanding that we are at war.

Congressman Tom Tancredo faces withering attacks from the Bush administration, minority activists, the organized left, and corporate shills for his efforts to secure Americas borders as head of the House Immigration Reform Caucus. Last week, Tancredo, who is looking into a presidential campaign, suggested that the US might bomb Muslim holy sites, if multiple American cities were nuked.
Even many conservatives blanched at his off-handed suggestion that we apply Mutually Assured Destruction against the Muslim world.
Hispanic and Muslim groups responded by pressuring him to resign.It seems that the campaign to convince the American people that Islam and Islamist terrorism are not related is successful.
Besides, we only have to fear Islamists or terrorists, not Moderate Muslims, who surely love us and hate the actual terrorists.

The ABC affiliate in our capitol,WMAL 630 AM, suspended radio host Michael Graham over his comments linking Islam with Islamist terrorism.
Had the US government not rounded its leaders, would ABC radio have caved into pressure from the German-American Bund in 1945. Given the desire of the Disney Corporation to build an amusement park in Communist occupied Shanghai or the Potemkinized island of Hong Kong, how long will "right-wing radio" continue?
So much for the myth of conservative corporations.

Perhaps I should be careful not to visit our ally Great Britain, lest I be arrested on the grounds of religious intolerance for comparing Islamists and Nazis.
It's not like the Nazis raised Muslim SS units or that Nazi propoganda still reverberates in the Muslim world.

Fortunately, the Brits have their own strategy for suicide bombers; the dole.


At 2:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey RonL! Super Web site. I'll put it in my favorites. I am even more ashamed than I was earlier. I did not know about your Site. Again, thanks to you for the patience of Job. (Oh I am going to let Mr. Auster have it: friendly of course.)

All the Best,


At 11:02 PM, Blogger NYgirl said...

You do post great aricles. Despite the rantings of the lefties that they are being denied free speech (how I'd like to know) it is the truth about Islam that is being suppresed in our country. To fight the enemy, we have to know the enemy.

Did you see how CAIR has an adopt a library program through which the place white washed books about Islam in libraries.


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