Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The great purge has begun.

First conservatives who oppose national dissolution via amnesty were branded racist and undocumented border defense volunteers were called vigilantes by President Bush. Then Conservatives who opposed Harriet E. Miers were called elitist and sexist for demanding competence, a track record, and clearly defined Constitutional principles for a perspective member of our Judicial Oligarchy. Yesterday, bloggers including Michelle Malkin,were smeared by the Wall Street Journal for exploring the obvious implications of the Oklahoma University bombing.
Now, the National Center for Policy Analysis has canned Bruce Bartlett. For years I have defended Neo Conservatives from the charges that they are neo-Jacobins and have given the mainstream conservative movement the benefit of the doubt on its uxorious behavior towards President Bush.
Thermador has begun, will the ACU be next to face the national razor?

Thank you Lawrence Auster at View From the Right for bringing this to my attention.


At 3:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 1:55 AM, Anonymous Carl said...

I couldn't agree more. These folks truly are Neo-Jacobins. Paul Gottfried gets a big kudo from me because he was the probably the first one to call it. Larry Auster saw the writing on the wall early on as well. A full scale purge is now under way, it would appear. What a sorry state of affairs!

At 1:24 PM, Blogger GRL said...

NY Letters to Editor
New York Magazine

Re: Are Jews Smarter?

Dear Ms. Senior:

I am responding to your article which hypes not only the business interests of Larry David but also Jewish contributions to the totality of Western Civilization. I have no doubt that you were catering to the egos of your readership in NJ, NY, ILL, FL,and CA .

"Of course, there's another side to this shining coin. Jewish cleverness has also been an enduring feature of anti-Semitic paranoia."

The implication here for your readers misunderstanding is that anti-Semitism is the result of Jewish intellect. Historically it has been as a result of resource competition, belief in a moral and intellectual superiority and a fierce
policy of non assimilation with the host countries which initially offered you admittance with friendliness. Anti-Semitism is not in any way a mental illness.

"In some ways, life was good for the Jews in this strange new place."

Jews were displaced in many times and from many places. This statement has the aire that things are never been quite good enough for them as sojourners.

As an avid student of Jews and Judaism and of Kevin MacDonald , I found your article offensive. Judaism rarely solicits views outside looking inside. The article appeared cocky and goes along way in explaining the underpinnings of a false sense of superiority prevalent in liberal secular Judaism. It would also seem to cede an order of intellect to Jews, Orientals, Europeans and of course blacks as last.

Fixation on IQ at the expense of emotional intelligence and social intelligence has real perils for society.
It has been largely responsible for the aberrant ideas of Marxism, the Red Terror, and Communism which have reeked untold misery on mankind. Political Correctness and Multiculturalism are the 21st Century intellectual movements
which seek to divide mankind. Horkheimer, Marcuse and Derrida no doubt were highly intelligent.

When you visited Jew Watch and saw the list of entertainment and news magnates you also saw a list of cognitive elites whose production of culture has become suspect. Hollywood is in some crisis and we all know about the print and television mediums are struggling for survival.

Western Civilization is a Christian European accomplishment and Judaism has always been an appendage. Judaism and Jews have contributed mightily but but not indispensably. Perhaps that is a reality you continually wish to compensate for.

At 1:12 AM, Blogger RonL said...

Did you actually want me to respond to that pablum?


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