Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The what Conservative?

The American Conservative once again delivers in its March 23rd edition with 2 defenses of, Charles Freeman, the paid undeclared lobbiest for Saudi Arabia and China, who was to be the gatekeeper of national intelligence for the president. The first article is by the leftist Philip Weiss, proving once again that the only criterion for the Palestinianist heretic Scott McConnell is hatred of Israel. Weiss, being a good deconstructionist, completely ignores the actual arguements against Chas Freeman on China, that he lauded the Tienanmen square massacre and slaughter of Tibetan protestors. Instead the support for the brutal Chinese Communist oligarchs over democracy activists and colonizers over the oppressed is marginalized because neoconservatives, being anti-communists, don't like China. (Of course, weren't the Old Right anti-communist, or has grievance politics driven the so called Paleconservatives away from their claimed roots?)
The second is an article by the "America Firster" Patrick Buchanan. Buchanan article is nothing but an attempt to play grievence politics calling the attacks a smear, while ignoring the content. The justification for this is the supposed hypocrisies of "The Israel Lobby" in attacking Freeman's loyalty. This begs the question as to whether Buchanan is now part of the Wahabbi Lobby, the Saudi Lobby or the ChiCom Lobby. Whatever it is , it isn't America first.
Of course Buchanan fancies himself a patriot, but he has lost sense of "patria", fatherland. For him, loyalty is unflinching hatred of either Israeli policy, Israel's existence as such, or neoconservatives. This isn't pro-America. It is merely an example of the debilitating nature of grievance politics.

Perhaps, I'm old fashioned but those screaming about dual loyalties seem to be projecting, for their primary loyalty does not seem to be with America, if they wanted a Saudi and Chinese lobbyist to decide what the president sees. If you think I'm being rude in my assessment, I am only using the same type of language and tactics used in The American Conservative.

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