Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Tranzi March towards EU Tyranny is no long a secret

Most Americans have little to no understanding of the European Union. Founded under tripartite coal and steel trade negotiations, many viewed the EU as a free trade agreement that promotes liberty. Others see it as the European version of the United States. This fundamental misunderstanding has led American Presidents from George HW Bush to his son, to all of the current major candidates for president to support the EU, and in the case of President George W Bush to push for its expansion into Turkey.

Whatever the EU began as, it most certainly is not a free market anything. The Eurocrats in Brussels have decided to define products, weights, measures, and health policies across the member states. On multiple occasions the proponents of this "trade alliance" have called for a unified military command. Some may respond by suggesting that this is merely a natural progression such as the change from These United States in the Articles of Confederation to The United States under the Constitution. However, this ahistorical belief that centralization will inevitably lead to a liberal constitution misses the point.

Imagine if the people of the various states refused to ratify the Constitution and the Federalists responded by having the state legislatures vote on it piecemeal, while appropriating money to propagandize for it. Then imagine that the Federalists in the Continental Congress banned the anti-Federalists. Then imagine that while this was going on, the Federalists decided to national arrest warrant, whose defined crime of "racism" is so nebulous that it includes any opposition to the inclusion of non-natives or the expansion to new lands. I would say that this is exactly what is happening, except as it is clear by now any comparison of the EU Trans-National Socialists to the American Founders is obscene.

And yet it just gets worse. For all the calls that Bat Ye'or was conspiratorial with her warnings of Eurabia, it is impossible to deny when supposed "right-wingers" like the fraud Sarkozy call for a Mediterranean Union. I would normally suggest that Bat Ye'or and American conservatives go over to Europe to warn them of the threat. However, the arrest of the liberal cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot, suggest that doing so would lead to their arrest.

Regardless of their own opposition, the peoples of Europe are being reorganized into an illiberal tyranny bent on destroying their culture, if not Islamicizing it. God save Europe from the New Class.


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