Monday, October 09, 2006

Fallout from the Minuteman Speech

For the past 5 days, Columbia University has been ablaze over the Minuteman Speech and the ensuing leftist assault on free speech. While this event has garnered national attention and people from around the country have voiced their disgust with the actions of the communist protestors, concrete action must be taken. Please contact President Bollinger at or call his office at 212-854-9970 .

Starting with statements made by Columbia security as they were clearing out the auditorium and continuing the next day, the university chose to blame the Republicans for note keeping order and the Minutemen for the violence. While this may have been Columbia Security trying to cover-up its errors, the university has a history of blaming conservatives. In 1998, the Columbia University College Republicans hosted an Accuracy in Academia conference, headlined by Ward Connerly. After leftists tried to break into the event the first night, the university decided to limit the event to Columbia students. This meant that the leftist could come, while students from other universities, who had paid to go to the event could not. In the end, the conference was expelled, while the students, who broke university policies, were untouched. In 2004, the Columbia College Conservative Club held a bake sale mocking affirmative action. While the event itself was not disrupted, the leftist students used it as a rallying cry. The Bollinger Administration quickly caved and created a program perversely called a “Diversity Initiative.” Given President Bollinger’s history in supporting politically correct racial discrimination, some cynics have seen full collusion here.

Fortunately, under the glare of a national spotlight, the university has supported free speech and is looking into the activities of the radical leftists. President Bollinger and the University Senate Committee on Academic Affairs both released a statement supporting free speech and calling for a full investigation. Of course, what happens between today and the full meeting of the Columbia University Senate on October 27th, still is in question.
Even this weekend, Socialist group spokespersons celebrated their “drowning out” the event. However, concerned for their safety, Republicans chose not to be filmed.

Unfortunately, this may well be the high point for free speech on campus. This weekend, Univision stoked the flames with a heavily-edited video. Given their constant support and even propaganda for illegal immigration, this may not be surprising; still it will be used by the ISO and other protestors as evidence that they are victims.
Here are the ISO protestors celebrating the turn of events

Later today, they along with the Chicano Caucus and other protestors will join with their advocates from the communist National Lawyers Guild in a press conference.
While the grievances and solutions have not been set forth, it is likely that they will call for the Conservatives and Republicans to be reprimanded and for the protestors to be protected. Moreover, they may even try to sue the Minuteman Project, local immigration reform groups, CCCC and CUCRs and even individuals in these groups in an attempt to silence us and intimidate others.

Between the escalating security costs for the events of last week and this week, as well as the possibility of litigation, the members of the
Columbia College Conservative Club and College Republicans need your support. Please donate to these clubs directly or to the Columbia Conservative Alumni Association.

President Bollinger’s Statement on Free Speech

Resolution on Free Speech from the Student Affair’s Caucus

For additional information on the new Diversity programs:
Columbia's Diversity Initiatives
"White people can get this," she said. "They just have to be committed to diversity in a demonstrative way."

For more information on this developing story, see the following publications:
The Columbia Citadel
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For more information on the 1998 Accuracy in Academia Event, see


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