Friday, May 23, 2008

The Unaccountable Mayor

In the latest turn of the city's litigious harassment of gun ownership, Mayor Michael Bloomberg will not have to testify. The partisan hack in robes, explains "From the city's point of view, he doesn't add a thing to your case". Perhaps I'm confused, but isn't Judge Jack Weinstein supposed to follow the law and the Constitution, not act like an attorney for the city?

Of course, it is not like Nanny Bloomberg has any respect for the Constitution. Earlier this month, the the mayor's attorneys asked Judge Weinstein to ban all references to the Second Amendment in the lawsuit against gun retailers, who committed no crime.

Since the Constitution is irrelevant to Bloomberg and Weinstein, perhaps litigation is in order. We should sue Bloomberg Media for any faulty or correct information that is then possibly misused, and then ask a judge to to ban all references to the First Amendment on the case.

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