Monday, March 10, 2008

Client 9 hoisted on his own, well you know

Spitzer was a thug laid low by hubris.

He went after Wall Street firms for non-crimes, finding leftist judges who would crate-law by interpreting narrow statutes for different purposes. It's been called Ex post facto demagoguery but became a shakedown deal for funds for the state Democrat party and Spitzer's campaign fund.

Spitzer turned illegal aliens into a protected class. Not only did he want to give illegals driver's licenses, but he forced companies to give said illegals a paid holiday for politicking.

As governor, Spitzer then used the state police to keep track of his political opponents and rivals. Unfortunately the voters of NY have looked the other way.

One of the few good things he did as Satate AG was to treat prostitution rings as organized crime. It is ironic that this is what has taken him down.

"For whenever the anger of divine spirits harms someone,
it first does this: it steals away his mind
and good sense, and turns his thought to foolishness,
so that he should know nothing of his mistakes."

Sophocles Antigone


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